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Ingrid Naiman

Ingrid Naiman hosts three web sites devoted to astrology:,, and the, an online medical astrology training site. Articles of general interest to the public can be found on whereas hosts a questionnaire for determining constitutional type.


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  • This list is for persons interested in Ayurvedic medicine. Posts cover subjects such as research on herbs, new products, essays, and environmental concerns such as endangered species plants, biodiversity, and habitat preservation. The list is associated with the and
  • Subscribers to Bioethika receive posts about sustainable agriculture and natural medicine as well as economic and political issues that affect the future of the Planet. Some of the posts to this list are original and some are forwarded from other lists.
  • Botanical Approaches to Cancer Treatment are the main subject of posts to this list, but new research and developments affecting patients are also occasionally posted.
  • This list is for people living in Europe who may be interested in events taking place in Europe, such as seminars, or product availability within the EU.
  • The Kitchen Doctor List is for people who are looking for ways to improve their health that entail areas of their lives over which they have control: food, personal hygiene, gardening, and greening of life in general.
  • Subscribers to this list receive emails about new posts to and Occasionally, emails about special events, such as eclipses or planetary alignments, are forwarded. Even more rarely, there is a notice about a lecture or seminar.
  • This list is intended for those who are battling mold in their homes, schools, or places of work as well as those who might have something to share with respect to the measures that restored health and sanity.
  • The Soaring Spirit with Tears List is Ingrid's most personal. It is where she speculates on the origin and meaning of life, on extraterrestrial beings, and on what would happen if the Planet had good leadership.
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Medical Astrology
Poulsbo, Washington