Mold Consultations

Ingrid Naiman is offering short consultations on mold remediation, mold testing, and herbal remedies for mold for people who have been exposed to mold and are looking for a tiny bit of guidance in order to manage their challenges more wisely. You can make better use of your consultation time by studying the material on and her personal site.

All sessions will be done via Skype and will be digitally recorded and uploaded so you can concentrate without taking notes. They can be securely downloaded as audio files by the client.

Oral Health Consultations

In addition, she has launched an experiment aimed at regenerating tooth enamel and correcting other oral health issues. Anyone participating in the experiment must be prepared to acquire an intraoral camera and follow the protocol as carefully as possible. To help people get started, she is also offering consultations on oral health, but only for those who have begun the preparations and acquired a camera.


Details & Payment
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Legal Disclosure


Ingrid Naiman is not a medical doctor. For purposes of this consultation, the individual(s) booking appointments should recognize and accept that she is sharing the experience she acquired as a result of the research she did to overcome her own very serious mold exposure.  These experiences are discussed on
For additional information on various health issues, please visit her personal web site since it contains hundreds of essays.
Ingrid Naiman is not in a position to conduct any tests on either property or health. She can merely assist others on their own journeys by discussing options and helping them to avoid rediscovering the wheel.
Your appointment begins with a request and reservation.  The reservation will be held for five days in order to allow time for you to respond to the questions on the survey and prepay your consultation. Ingrid Naiman will be using Skype to call you at the number provided. There may be additional charges for those outside North America who do not have Skype. The calls will be recorded using computer software.  You will be given a link for downloading an MP3 file estimated at 12-60 MB. If you need to cancel the appointment, 24 hour notice is requested. Cancellations received later will be credited at 80% of prepaid amount.